Creative meanderings

Last week at the Saint Paul Farmers Market, people shared the most interesting recipes with me. Recipes from unexpected places like Yemen and Turkey. Market goer, Tish from New Mexico, shared an interesting twist to Quiche. She adds small dollops of cream cheese on the bottom before adding in the egg mixture. Ernest shared his favorite Texas Butter Beans recipe, Susiette shared a healthy Bulgar and Kale salad and Maria shared her secret ingredient to great tasting potato salad. (I’ll post her secret soon.)

With so many interesting recipes on the minds of Market shoppers, I had to cook up a few of them. The Market had most of the ingredients I needed so I was in good hands. After cooking and experimenting with these new dishes, I started to draw.

Here is a photo of me in the studio sorting out the details of a composition while nibbling on cumin seeds.


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