Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Quinoa Bake

Market shoppers wanted to know how to cook brussels sprouts and Candice from Saint Paul, Minnesota provided us with this vegetable dish.

I agree with Candice. Brussels Sprouts need a watchful eye so you know how you like them and to make sure the outer layers won’t turn to charcoal. I’ve added the watchful owl to the recipe as a reminder.

The curry flavor in this dish intensifies over time and is great the next day too.


Click here to listen to the recipe by Candice.

Eggplant and Cauliflower – Oh my!

Earlier this week, I baked this Eggplant dish Casey provided and added my own twist–cauliflower.
You will see eggplants and cauliflower pop up at the Market around the same time so I thought I would combined the two in this dish. I like the texture of the braised cauliflower with the earthy quality of the eggplant.

This dish is so easy and flavorful, I’m baking it, right know, for the second time this week! Great dish, Casey!

Listen to Casey’s version of the recipe here:

Eggplant Dish

Maria’s Secret to Delicious Potato Salad

Here is the secret ingredient to improving your potato salad! I had to try it for myself, indeed it adds a rich flavor.

I enjoyed how Maria described the texture of the onion in the recording:


At the Market today and two new recipes in the Gallery

Thanks to everyone who shared a recipe on Sunday, August 25th.

I illustrated two recipes, which can be viewed here: . You can also listen to the recipes as described by the cook!

I will be at the Saint Paul Farmers Market today. I’ll be collecting more recipes so stop by and visit my booth and share your dish. Visual Recipe cards are also available to you for free!

Creative meanderings

Last week at the Saint Paul Farmers Market, people shared the most interesting recipes with me. Recipes from unexpected places like Yemen and Turkey. Market goer, Tish from New Mexico, shared an interesting twist to Quiche. She adds small dollops of cream cheese on the bottom before adding in the egg mixture. Ernest shared his favorite Texas Butter Beans recipe, Susiette shared a healthy Bulgar and Kale salad and Maria shared her secret ingredient to great tasting potato salad. (I’ll post her secret soon.)

With so many interesting recipes on the minds of Market shoppers, I had to cook up a few of them. The Market had most of the ingredients I needed so I was in good hands. After cooking and experimenting with these new dishes, I started to draw.

Here is a photo of me in the studio sorting out the details of a composition while nibbling on cumin seeds.


New recipes posted in the Gallery.

Thanks to all of you who shared their recipes with me on Sunday, August 11th.
I illustrated two recipes, which can be viewed here:
You can also listen to recipe as described by the cook!

I will be at the Saint Paul Farmers Market today.   Recipe drawings (5×7 sized) are available to you for free!
I’ll also be collecting more recipes, so come visit my booth and share your dish.

If you can’t make it to the Market, you can click on my online recipe drawing and print one for yourself!

Shared Recipes

It was a beautiful and busy at The Market yesterday. A number of people were curious and shared their recipes with me. Here are a few of my favorites: Dale’s Delight, Omelet with Veggies and Salami, Greek Salad, Avocado Linguine Chicken, and Cantaloupe Varson. Now, I get to draw a few of these colorful creations. Stay tuned.