Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Quinoa Bake

Market shoppers wanted to know how to cook brussels sprouts and Candice from Saint Paul, Minnesota provided us with this vegetable dish.

I agree with Candice. Brussels Sprouts need a watchful eye so you know how you like them and to make sure the outer layers won’t turn to charcoal. I’ve added the watchful owl to the recipe as a reminder.

The curry flavor in this dish intensifies over time and is great the next day too.


Click here to listen to the recipe by Candice.

Eggplant and Cauliflower – Oh my!

Earlier this week, I baked this Eggplant dish Casey provided and added my own twist–cauliflower.
You will see eggplants and cauliflower pop up at the Market around the same time so I thought I would combined the two in this dish. I like the texture of the braised cauliflower with the earthy quality of the eggplant.

This dish is so easy and flavorful, I’m baking it, right know, for the second time this week! Great dish, Casey!

Listen to Casey’s version of the recipe here:

Eggplant Dish